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President dances while Parliamentary majority leader sings

Posted By Hilath

Hmmm… Interesting video… Can Reeko the actor sing? Judge for yourself… :)

To HauMaldives: I don’t see anything gay about the President dancing next to another male Maldivian dancer. Being a born Maldivian you have never seen bodu beru?

Seems like since the prostitute Adhaalath bedded with the MDP, every lifestyle for Maldivians are becoming haraam (prohibited) including our tradition and culture:

First they say that men and women dancing together are haraam because it “promotes promiscuity” and they therefore propagate that same sex people dance together — away from the eyes of people of the other sex.

But when men and men dance together and when women and women dance together, after taking the above so-called advice from religious “leaders” and “scholars”, we are labelled gay and lesbian while Minivan News still stands accused of promoting “national sissyness.”

Meehaku moya vedhaanennu…

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