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Why not single parenthood?

Posted By Hilath

Islam’s spirit is the freedom to choose one’s own religion, and this perhaps need to be emphasized as this also means the freedom of each human individual to chose whether he/she wants to accept Islam’s message or seek alternate paths to life.

Hence, alternate lifestyles have to be tolerated, because any Maldivian citizen who do not believe in Islam will not necessarily see fornication as a sin and therefore would feel unfair if meted out with something like flogging — which an “unbeliever” might find publicly humiliating and degrading punishment for a “private affair” that took place with the consent of another adult.

However much Wahhabis and other intolerant elements try to silence Maldivian Muslims of other non-Sunni denominations like Sufis and other Maldivians who have secretly and not so secretly adopted Buddhism, Christianity and Hinduism, etc, “loopholes” will always present itself that will usher in “Western vices”: for instance, it wasn’t a “Christian” Nasheed who approved a monthly allowance for single parents in order to achieve a “Jewish conspiracy” to create interest in fornication.

It was Maldivian men’s failure to act responsibly, and the only way the government can make stubborn Maldivian men to contribute to the bringing up of the children they abandoned with their divorced wives. It is Maldivian men’s promiscuity which made them in the first place design laws that made them easier to get married and divorced — while irresponsibly breeding like rabbits when common sense should tell them that a land- and resource-scare country like Maldives cannot afford to face the dire consequences of overpopulation.

So the MDP government’s decision to give a monthly allowance to single parents was to ensure that divorced and economically-challenged women did not need to single-handedly bring up their children while the men lazed around frolicking with other women. But the decision is now being misinterpreted by insecure Wahhabis as proof that the government is subtly officially introducing “Western immoral practices” to “disrupt our Islamic culture.” They see this single parent allowance as a sublime acceptance and promotion of single parenthood which for them automatically translates into rising popularity in fornication — as if fornication is a bad thing as it is a key natural way for species to survive generations.

Such a mentality exists because no government so far has systematically sought to conduct a public awareness program on the important Islamic principle of freedom of religion. Fear-mongers like Adhaalath, Salaf, and the Islamic Foundation have brainwashed Maldivians so much that Maldivians now sadly think that Wahhabism is the “true” Islam, and that the other two branches, like the Sufis and the Shiittes, are not Muslims at all. The Maldivian majority at large fears communal strife but only because no NGO even have educated them that nobody needs to attack each other just because different people might believe in different religions. As one of my journalist friends says: “Religion should never go outside of one’s bedroom. Showing off even one’s piety is hidden selfishness and that is illegal in Islam.”

So hopefully such a public education program can come into place — once me and my friends are able to register our NGOs which will fight for freedom of religion in the Maldives. Only then can we prevent the Wahhabis from making democracy a weapon for the majority to practice tyranny over the minority. Democracy is about individual liberty as long as no violence is caused.

Hence, there are amongst us those who don’t believe in Islam or believe in another religion and/or those who do not belong to any religion at all. Most of these people I know do not want to necessarily get married although they would like to have children. Perhaps they have realized that even love has an expiry date and that children, their seed, is their personal, physical eternally lasting immortality.

Thus some Maldivian heterosexuals get married just to dodge elderly parents’ conservatism, and make sure neighbors do not spread vile gossip about their cohabitation. But secretly, they would rather have children while not getting married. Or they would rather cohabit and have children — perhaps because they don’t believe that the government needs to give them a ‘license’ to have sex called ‘marriage.’

Likewise some lesbians also consider artificial insemination without getting “married” while some gays consider such things as mixing the sperm of the couple before putting into the surrogate mother so that their child will have both dads’ features.

Seems harmless to me. I mean why should it bother to anyone how others want to live their lives — as long as no harm is caused and as long as they act good parents, whether single or married, gay or lesbian.

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