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For the kind attention of Shaheem: Discovery of under-aged female sex slaves in Maldives

Posted By Hilath

shaheemadhaalathbigAt a press conference yesterday, State Minister of Islamic Affairs, Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed, from the extremist Adhaalath Party, said:

“This allegation of child concubines in Maldives is turning out to be a hoax. Where’s the evidence? The blogger who wrote that story seems to have made it up to defame Islam. We know that these things are not allowed in Islam. In fact, I have been informed that the blogger has now even removed the article from his website.”

For the kind reference of Shaheem, here’s the link again: Discovery of under-aged female sex slaves in Maldives

I will never remove this article from this blog. You can remove this article from this blog or shut down this blog over my dead body. Thank you.

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29 Responses to “For the kind attention of Shaheem: Discovery of under-aged female sex slaves in Maldives”

  1. Nadya

    Also for the kind attention of Shaheem

    Do you realise how many cases on rape are unreported? Forget rape, let’s see how many cases of domestic violence are reported. And of those which are, how many cases are prosecuted and actually proven in court.

    Sexual crimes and domestic abuse including incest which take place in the confines and what should be secure homes are hard to gather evidence. Especially if the person who abuses you is in a power position to protect and provide for you. Middle aged women who are going through domestic violence are unwilling to report it or leave these relationships. What makes you think that a nine old Jaariya or the women in the family who help perpetuate this will be willing to talk to the authorities.

    Mr Shameem you and the Islamic Ministry’s reaction to this matter has been ridiculously defensive. If it is unislamic and these people are just pure criminals then why are you so hesitant to make a stand against it? Why do you accuse Hilath, Minivan News and the rest of spreading unislamic messages. If keeping concubines is unislamic and Hilath is fighting against it, doesn’t is make him someone who is standing up for Islam? Your lies and rhetoric can’t fool everyone at all times.

  2. knaschru


  3. Its really funny that this so called hoax is making so much on our religious ministry.

    LOL “I will never remove this article from this blog. You can remove this article from this blog or shut down this blog over my dead body. Thank you.” By Hilath

    enjoy :

  4. sidhugy

    hilath i dont completely belive in over islamic party adhaalath. but i also belive that you need to prove what you wrote in your blog.

  5. Outright lying, now. They must be desperate.

  6. lovely

    I’m a muslim and I am someone who strongly believes everything needs to be moderate…
    There is this story I heard from a friend.. Well she witnessed it with her own eyes.. there was a little girl being abused by her own father… And the mother and father is is supposed to be known as haabees.. Reported nd mother nd father denied .. The girl wudnt talk at all…
    Well and here is another story.., 1 of my ex bf turned out haabee nd got married .. Made her wife wear moon buruga.. nd he still calls me wanting to have sex with me… well isn’t tht fornication… As far as I know most of the perverts u c on the roads of male’ r these so called haabees…

  7. Castiel

    pathetic lies ,he knows there are cases of jaariyas and ighm gave all the information which is needed..these Adaalath people are way tooo fucked up…

  8. Abdul-Rahman

    It is exciting to see Hilath’s power of resistance rising up in defiance of humans rights abuses. Free speech has to have a little ballsiness about it to be attractive and effective – it has to be strong enough to inspire others to get involved. By nature people follow power… A bit of defiance in the face or a threat is powerful, resistance is powerful, as Foucault said – where their is power – there is resistance, and resistance is powerful.

    I wonder if the liberal element could somehow work out a way to become much stronger, with the power to be an effective lobbying group.

  9. He must have thought older posts just dissappear never to be seen again.

  10. simon

    man u need 2 relax a lil bit…u talk lot abt tolerance bt u need 2 undstand sum more thngs abt toelrance..evrytime some body is nt in line with ur views u seems to poatray them as extremists..tolerance works for both ways..bdw ur language is gettin kindda weird 4 me..keep on postin man…bt remembr abt tolerance..jus a lil piece of advice..ur doin a gud job minus tolerance….

  11. simon

    man its still a very conservative country..liberals thoughts are going to take a lil while to take root jus be patient.ther is a long way 2 go…its k if u dnt post this crap..jus a lil advice man

  12. Em

    Hilath, I think you should also SMS Shaheem the link since he’s been so misinformed about your previous article and in case he doesn’t see this one.

  13. that is what i keep telling people. this haabees rape kids. they should be put to death.

    when i wrote this nobody has supported me. truth will find its way.


  14. why are we still listening to these mullahs? Why are we trying to solve the problem with people who are part of it? Adalath (or whatever psycho arabic name)can not and will not solve our problems. they are here to make sure we repeat the mistakes of our middle eastern ancestors.
    we need to empower people. ordinary citizens. but sadly it seems as long as they have the power (which is very cheap to obtain using religion) then, i think our sisters, mothers and little brothers do not have much choice. I wish it was not the case. i wish what im staying is wrong. but you do not need to be a rocket scientist to figure out that there is something dreadfylly wrong in our societies and much of the ill today is caused from a raising extremism who is preserving the past for some of their personal benefits.

  15. Not only the rape kids, but they use their authority and “islamicness” to protect those who do.

  16. yoosuf

    i dont think its concubines that are reported. what about the underage kids who actually do the deed for fun or experimenting or just because they want to and get caught up in the mess? whats your take on that?

    religion is merely a cover up. not that concubines do not exist. it exists in every culture. you may take the western civilisation of today as a grim example. merely that islam doesn’t exclusively have a prohibition on taking female slaves. but according to the ‘ulema’ of the religion, its not allowed. or undesirable.

    but i read up that there are some rules, its almost similar to having a wife, your friends can’t come and bang your slave just because she’s a slave. it was somethin existing even before the era of the prophet muhammed, so it couldn’t have been abolished easily. as quoted from wikipedia:

    “Muhammad personally freed 63 slaves, and his wife Aisha freed 67. In total his household and friends freed 39,237 slaves”

  17. naked swimmer

    there is no other choice. liberals and secular people must unite and oppose the petro-dollar funded Arab-Islamic cultural colonization if we want our nation to progress and the people to prosper. We cannot allow a medieval religious ideology dictate how we live in this 21st century.

    there you go with your muslim-arab western civilisation bashing training you have received from the mullahs. The (imperfect) West is still a far better place for a woman to live than is the most hospitable, beautiful, wealth-encrusted Muslim country”

  18. Ahmed

    It is funny that this Hilath’s friend who was SO APPALLED didn’t get a memo from the lady or the girl who came into see the doctor. (Start of a hoax? You tell me.)

    Keep that a side and go to a hospital in Sri Lanka or Trivendrum and ask the doctors there how many unveiled women come for abortion from Maldives!! And How many of them are under 18 years old.

    It is very easy to ignore the problems by blaming Islam. Gorge Bush and his friends got hell of a rich by doing it. And Hilath sure can get popular and rich too doing just about the same thing.

  19. Abdul-Rahman

    Dear Hilath Brother,

    I just wrote a response to a comment from shadowrunner, who was saying he thinks more Muslims should have my understanding of religion. I started to tell him that many do, but then, all this other stuff occurred to me. SO, I thought, well what I have to say perhaps you – Hilath- would benefit from knowing it as well.

    There are many hundreds of Muslim scholars from the Maldives who are WAYY higher than me in their knowledge and level who have my same opinion that Islam should be a force for human rights etc… they can express it a thousand, no, a billion times better than I ever could. Their understanding of the Quran and Arabic is way higher than mine. They have written massive books which are distributed around the world, but are usually only availabe in libraries for academics.

    However, right now, the conservatives are making their understanding of Islam to be imposed on the common folk, and the common folk have no alternative way of being a Muslim introduced to them. I had been watching this for a few years or more, wishing, hoping that the liberal scholars, who are my heroes, you know, geniuses, would come to the front of the battle and share a different version of Islam to save Islam from being degraded, to save people from being oppressed in the name of Islam. But I did not see that happening, and I felt sad. I felt, they need to do it!! They need to save people from accepting abuse because it is presented as Islam. They need to present a different way of being a true Muslim, a deeper way truer to the essence of the religion.

    But, in my readings of the blogs and articles for the common people, I noticed a cowardly (or heartless) silence from my “heroes.” So, I thought, well, someone has to do the job, so I tried it knowing that I am not the best to do it (that’s a hell of an understatement) but thinking well, my heroes are not being the heroes for liberal Islam right now so I am going to present liberal Islam.

    I am deeply glad that at least you appreciate it, but you must also be aware that I studied Islam as a component of a political sciences degree, and I completed my honours thesis on Islam as a force for democracy. I do not as yet have my PH D though I intend to get it later. I read hundreds of books, sat with scholars who helped me with the Arabic etc…but my level is grotesquely low and crap compared to for example, Abdullah Saeed, or Dr. Shaheed, or, for that matter Maumoon Abdul Gayoom….

    But do you see those “geniuses” getting on the blogs and combatting religious oppression in the name of Islam?

    But I have tried my best to show Islam, and I am deeply greatful that you and Hilath have understood that.

    I did it for my children and my Wife, and for my family in Maldives, of whom there are hundreds of them whom, my heart breaks for just to mention them because I love them so much it hurts me to think they could swallow an oppressive version of Islam. You see, many of them if you say, it is from Islam, they will obey whatever comes at them, and submit and hurt as power hungry psycho’s rape them whilst they submit (psychologically and physically) so I thought, this is for them, this is Islam – and gave them an Islam to combat the oppression with. Because they obey only Islam, and you can’t really take that out of most of them, the best that can be done to give them love, strength and happiness is to present a compassionate, the compassionate Islam as it was intended to be – liberating and merciful.

    My efforts are crap compared to what others are capable of doing, but at least I am trying to do it.


  20. Shameem

    Islamic Ministry seems so much concerned about publishing this. They seems protecting every such things. Someboady please tell the Shameem that everyone is not following their faiths blindly.

  21. to shaheem these are two issues. one: owning a slave (i suppose he will check if the slave is treated properly in accordance to the shariah jahaalth party believes in). Two: ziney.

    but for me itz multiple problems:

    1.forced sex (rape)
    2.child abuse (and there is no such thing as consensual childabuse!)

    even if 3. is wrong…it is still wrong for the first two reasons.

    the point is…even if this story wasnt true (which it is…according to HRCM); child abuse in the name of islam should be dealt with by the islamic ministry as long as it claims to protect islam. because the islam i knw is not a cult which calls for rape and child abuse. it is a peaceful spiritual path.

  22. aisha

    this story is true n i applaud hillath for getting to to the media…just wish doctors had more courage and the MP’s shouting abt their love of people will come up with even one line to legalise doctors to report such incidents.

  23. ukhtha

    preg test in POSSITIVE vi ehen kudhin e ee hudhu fothi kolhu thake tha?
    furathama 18 aharun dhashuge kudhin keekuran preg ah test kuranee?
    kudakudhin preg vey tha?
    meehunna innan vejjeya kudhin dho.
    ekamu sarukaaru bodethi hurihaa office thakuga 18 aharun dhashuge kudhin ZIMMAADHAARU muvazzifunna vadhanee keekuran.
    emme furathama balan vee bainalaguvaameegothun ekame nnu raajjega kudakudhin lavva massaikai kuraathee.
    koba mikamuga HRD.
    18 aharun dhasha baaligu vias meehunna kaa nuindhe ve
    ekamu baraabara ZINEY oops!!! ehen bunaaka nuvaanedho sorry inge hillath. UNDERSTANDING SEX beyvve dho.
    thi ulhenee raajje ga “SODU” kulhivaru kale ah aam dhanee libe gotha ka leagaly nufeshigenne nu.
    hivvare hurriya thikan ves kobbala . ekamu ehen meehunna ves dhuniyega ulhumuge SO CALLED HUMANRIGHTS ves dhee.
    eyratha kale ah ves kame kurevunu kama vaanee.
    Fuloaku hamanuje he vaahaka nudhaka. hamajehe vaahaka dhekeema enmen ves gabool kuraanee.
    hillat! kalege vaahakaves thihunna nee hama SODU koh.

  24. so

    its easy dho you to tell about DEATH.
    but remember it is not.
    Maru vaane kan enge dho.

  25. so

    u are telling about that slave girl whose reports got possitive.where are the rest who have done and got possitive of under age of 18?are they all HILLAT’S KEEPS.that u are not talking about them.oops!!!.you dont like girls dho.
    are they all pure milk.
    DO HRD have writes to test under 18 to pregnency?
    that is hard to beleave dho.
    if u dont practice ISLAM. u can practice GAYSISYSM.GO AHEAD





  27. turned homo sexual and self tunred idealogical fighter in the maldives, mr. killath.

    1. Salmaan rushidi(UK)
    2.Irshaad Manji(Canada and US)
    3.Aaayan Hiris Ali( Somalia)
    4.Thasleema Nasreen(Bangladesh)
    All these people are confused and lost individuals due to identity crisis and genetic predispostions.

    Aayan Hiris Ali rose to fame by defaming Islam and she is making millions of dollars annually by giving interviews and participating in talkshow tv programs.

    there is nothing good about these people accept that they all have a common feature.let check on Irhaad Manji,she is a lesbian and lets check on Hillath. Bothe are gays, openly gays.


  28. How ignorant is Mr. Killaht is. What is the definition of Jaariya. Jaariya is a female slave. How can you enslave a person in the Maldives while slavery is illegal in the country. Mr. kihallath you talk nonesnese.

    How can you name the girl as a jaariya while the jarriyas are female slaves that winning warriors get as booties. i wonder from which war tht girl became a slave of a maldivian man.
    Mr. Killaht needs to learn more Islmaic principle of Jaariya thing.

    you can not name as a girl as jaariya even thogh she is a minor and married illigitimately. It could be only named as an illegal phedophile sexual exploitaton of an underaged minor girl.

    you cant bring and create prehistoric terms into the maldives legal context and shout at the top of your mouth saying that we have Jaariyas like Prophet Muahmmad had Jariyaas 1400 years. Man no body is gonna beleive your shitt.



  29. [...] be officially registered as a political party in Maldives. At the height of the child concubine case, I thought of quitting MDP because I thought the party was failing because con artists who had [...]

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