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Angry face

Now go on, bash George Soros

Posted By Hilath

George Soros

Remember the “good old days” when some Maldives politicians used to demonize billionaire investor George Soros just because he happened to be Jewish?

Well, the “boogie man” has now proposed a $100 billion climate fund and plans to invest more than $1 billion of his own money into clean energy technology.

Now whose laughing…

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13 Responses to “Now go on, bash George Soros”

  1. The Islamic world refuses to help us by sparing a tiny bit of their oil money. But the “satanic western world” is offering help that is desperately needed here.

    The Islamists declare that it is a “Christianizing plan” and want our country turned into a breeding colony; they cannot afford for Maldives to become a strong, independent and free country.

  2. Hilla Thoothu is laughing, not any other person.

  3. siraj

    this is not a surprise. clean energy technology is not islamic and non-halaal. proof: Hell is run on carbon-based fuel.

  4. shafeeu

    Soros shud not have been demonized for being jewish – but he was a vicious and ruthless international money market player, suspected among other things of having a major role in the SE Asian financial collapse.His turnaround as an international benefactor is welcome, but a fat cheque book does not a good man make; and it does not erase his past, although it asks for forgiveness.

  5. kessbe

    koba magey comment! it seem this hilath guy cannot digest what i’ve said” i repeat , first bad thing written about soros .. is from dhivehi observer, in order to discredit foreign minister dr . shaheed at that time now that he’s the foreign minister and sappe technology envoy so both culprits are sitting together .. hehe what a coincidence

  6. husen

    First time checking this blog…My impression,

    1. Shallow twisted analysis on subjects
    2. Too many claims with no tangible evidence
    3. Seems to be having a belief that the writer is the torchbearer for the Maldivian ppl
    4. Demanding respect for the writer’s thoughts while disrespecting Maldivian culture and traditions

    4. On the above Post,
    I wouldn’t know Soros’s intentions on this…maybe he is a generous individual. Yet I can’t help but think that this $100 billion will be money to buy green technology from the west by the poor nations, eventually making them dependable on patented technology that can only be available from the developed nations.

    Everyone has a right to express their own thoughts, but spreading provocative, hateful messatges and wrong information is simply irresponsible.

  7. Hell

    FUCK SOROS HILATH, we know this guy, bloody Jew who would do anything to hurt Muslims, Hilath you can burn in hell with Soros….

  8. Shahiq

    to husen

    The only sensible comment I read so far in this blog. it looks like the writer expects others to respect his thoughts while undermining their very own culture, tradition and most importantly belief.

  9. Avid reader

    But everyone who is business savy is investing in green technologies due to its high return.
    They know this is how big money will be made in future. All Coporate and big firms are also jumping on the band wagon.
    Althought it is good now that the FAT CATS are willing to part with their cash for the cause – but as we all know the intention is not to save the earth but to rake in more billions.
    So I still look at George Soros with a skeptical eye.

  10. Lawl, you guys are doing exactly what Hilath wants you to. LOLOLOLOL.


  11. Yasir Ahmed

    who says its his money..Gaaroon also said it was his money Firuown also said the same… what happen to them ..
    it is not this jewish guys money he will realise it when he dies.
    Those who think that jesus is a god then why not they belive Adam also as a god he was created by Allah without any mother or father.
    hey all christians you are educated people think carefully about the creation it will benefit you when you die also you will get a easy life if you love Allah & his Messenger (SAW).

  12. @yasir lol. u think all nonmuslims or even non-haabees are kuristiyanu? fundies are funny. therez fun…but therez dies. so im just gonna shut up here.

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