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Angry face

Dhivehi film stars’ astronomical egos

Posted By Hilath

… The only thing common among Maldives film stars is that they “unite” only to ward off criticism of their poor productions …

Hopefully when the copyright law is enacted, this so-called Maldives film “industry” will be finally forced to create their own products, rather than lazily copy Hindi productions from A to Z…

For your viewing pleasure, the so-called “Making of E-Dhathuru” VCD, which Haveeru’s Moosa Latheef is talking about in the above-mentioned article. As Moosa pointed out, this was a “joint effort” by the Maldives’ entertainment industry in general at media-bashing:




This is the part where the “stars” of this “documentary” start to directly mention journalists’ names.

In this part, for the first time, my name is mentioned along with Mohamed “Riverin” Rafeeu, who at that time wrote a critical review of “E-Dhathuru” in “Udhares” weekly? magazine. Rafeeu is now with Jazeera Daily.

In this part, Golha Ali Rasheed tells outright lies about me and makes it sound like that I was a dictator not a reporter!

Without mentioning my name, Amjay attacks my? “Degree”!


More? direct acts on Rafeeu for his “Udhares” article and me for my “Haveeru” article.

Hussen “Sendil” Adil alleges, without naming names, that journalists were becoming biased against certain films when they themselves started getting involved in film business. At the time, Haveeru Daily’s reporters Ismail Naseer and Moosa Latheef had commissioned Abdul Fathah to direct “Himeyn Dhuniye” based on a story and screenplay by Moosa Latheef.


My exact words were that the film’s photography was? so poor “as if” the film was shot with a handicam though Eupe here twists words to allege that I had wrote that the film was shot with a handicam. He should learn the meaning of “as if” without making a fool of himself in front of the public.

Amjay attacks “Udhares” for its critical reviews of his films “Dhon Kamana” and “Sandhuravi Rey”.

He also alleges I had “something personal” against Eupe. I wonder what it could be.

Amjay flails his arms wildly in anger, then realises it, and attempts to calm down and regain his composure. More? classic than any scene from a Dhivehi film!


Without naming me directly, Ahyuman emphasises that? his “20 years” in music makes him “the better professional” than my lesser “9 years” in journalism!

Journalist Gulhi Shareef, who earlier was in “Aafathis” daily, Haveeru’s bitter rival newspaper then, attacks Haveeru’s Moosa Latheef, without directly naming him, for “conflict of interest” for getting a film (“Himeyn Dhuniye”) made on a screenplay of his.


Eupe says Haveeru’s Ismail Naseer and Udhares’ Rafeeu? refused to be interviewed for this “documentary” and calls them “cowards.” Why should any sensible reporter take part in a “documentary” on media-bashing?

Without naming? me directly, Noor confuses my positive critique of Fathimath Nahula’s “Kalaayaa Nulaa” and another article in which I, however, raised Dhivehi film industry’s allegations of corrupt practises behind then Maldives Association of Performing Arts’ (MAPA) in making “Kalaayaa Nulaa”. Two totally different matters, Noor!

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2 Responses to “Dhivehi film stars’ astronomical egos”

  1. Mode

    chek this hillath
    Nahula ge film ehggai mistake eh.

  2. [...] In fact, Haveeru’s new editor in charge, Moosa Latheef, recently wrote a column questioning why Dhivehi film stars are above criticism — unlike politicians, sportspeople [if that is a word ;)] and even “Sheikhs” who [...]

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